Who I am and what I wan't to do for you!

I want to give you back one of the best day's of your life, to live again and again every time you look at your photo's. I want to show you your day, and your life, from where you never saw it before. 

My favourite photos are always the ones of people getting ready to smile at the camera for the group shot, the ones where your family is taking a little too long to get into position because they're too busy cracking jokes with each other.  The moment right after the first tear escapes your mother's eye, or right before your bridesmaids reach for the bouquet.  It's the moments that are real that I'm after. The tiny little moments you think no one else captured. The ones you might think are not important at the time - but those are the ones that tell a story that is true, and the ones that touch your heart for years to come. 

I will be there to capture your day as it unfolds. Not interfering, and strictly being a "spy" on the wall is what allows for these moments to naturally occur, and to be captured. Pretend I'm not there while I blend into the background so you can be enveloped in the precious moments that surround you.

What can I tell you about myself ... I love moments! Any moments really, but particularly real moments. The split second moments where we let our guards down and something comes out that is pure life -honest, rare, beautiful, full, only existing as itself in it's form once. 

 If you would like me to capture these moments for you,  feel free to contact me, Amy Fischer, at hello@momentsbetween or 778-686-7731.