I love seeing the preciousness of life in the little pieces. The ones that constitute our lives, but maybe don’t seem so epic at the time. I love happiness and joy, and spontaneity - but even more than that I just love purity of expression. Whatever is within, I love capturing on the way out.

I see beauty and goodness in every person I meet. People fascinate me, and I’ll never get over the power a picture has to speak to the heart in a way words never could. I love photographing the individual as an isolated subject, but also showing the relationship that exists between people.

Things as they are - are the reason I love photography. Sometimes perfect really is right in front of us. I belief perfection exists, and a part of the recipe is always imperfections. To me, photography reveals this like nothing else. I want to to tell a story that is real. I am unobtrusive, loving, and promise to do my very best in capturing the truth and beauty of your life just as it is. I’ll never pose you or make you feel un-natural. If it’s a portrait session, we’ll hang out, I’ll get to know you. I promise it will be fun. If it’s an event - please have the best time ever and just forget I’m there.

Can’t wait to meet you!